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Each day, we receive a number of questions regarding whether a procedure could be covered by insurance and the differences between an “insurance” and a “cosmetic” procedure.

First, there are a number of conditions that can significantly affect functional activities (e.g. driving, reading). Patients presenting with these conditions may be covered by insurance, if the exam also shows this. Cosmetic procedures are those not covered by insurance and, therefore, are an out-of-pocket expense.

Second, I make no distinction between an “insurance” and a “cosmetic” procedure. I approach each surgery with the goal of achieving a result you desire.

Bottom Line: The only difference between a “cosmetic” procedure and an “insurance” procedure is who is paying for it.

Insurance MAY cover: upper eyelid ptosis, upper eyelid dermatochalasis, brow ptosis, Botox (some), skin lesion removal (some), in-turned or out-turned eyelids, and eyelid retraction.

Insurance MAY NOT cover: lower eyelid bags, facelifts, skin fillers, Botox (some), laser skin procedures, skin lesion removal (some), and other “non-functional” conditions.

Many practices will not reveal their fees before a consultation is performed, however, I do understand the need for patients to have an idea of how much a procedure would cost before deciding on and budgeting for it. Because of this, I have provided a list of my surgical fees. Many fees have a range – necessary because of the additional or reduced complexity of particular patient’s condition. Fees for combination/multiple procedures may be bundled at a lower amount. Please keep in mind that it can be difficult to determine the final cost without first performing an evaluation.

Office consultations and all follow-up visits are complimentary for cosmetic surgery patients. During your consultation you will receive a detailed quote outlining the total surgical costs, including operating room and anesthesia fees.

A non-refundable $250 deposit is required to reserve your surgery date. The remaining balance is due at the pre-op visit one to two weeks prior to surgery. We accept cash and credit cards. Patient finance plans with affordable monthly payments are also available.

I perform my procedures at a Medicare-approved facility that meets the same standards as a hospital operating room.

List of Fees (tax not included)

Cosmetic Consultation:Complimentary*

* If it is determined that a procedure may be covered by insurance, patient’s insurance will be billed for the visit.  Co-pay charges will apply

Asian Upper Lid Crease Formation (Bilateral)$5,000+
Blepharoplasty (Both Upper or Lower Lids)$5,000+
Blepharoplasty (Single Upper or Lower Lid)$2,500+
Face & Necklift$12,000+
Fraxel CO2 Resurfacing (Full Face)$5,000+
Chemical Peel (Full Face)$2,500+
Mole Removal$400 for first, then varies for additional
Botox$350 per region (e.g. glabellar, forehead, etc)
Fillers: Juvederm, Restylane, or similar$750 per 1 ml syringe
Fillers: Voluma$900 per 1 ml syringe
Fat Injection Filler (Full Face)$5,000+
Kybella – Neck or Jawline$2000 for two treatments
Neck Liposuction$4,000+
Anesthesia (Local with I.V. sedation)$250 – $800 per case
Surgery Center Fee (if applicable)$500 per hour

If you have any questions please ask us.  If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find it for you!


Cosmetic surgery is easier to afford than most people realize. Patient financing may be done through Prosper Financing or CareCredit, both of which have a wide range of available payment options.

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